Caregiver of the Season, Winter 2017

We wish to congratulate our Caregiver of the Season, Pamela Dale!

Pamela has been a caregiver with us since July 24, 2015 and has done an outstanding job from the beginning!  Pam was working two jobs when she first began her employment with HomeLife and she did a wonderful job balancing the two. She made sure she was on time to her clients’ homes and worked the days she had promised us. Pamela’s exceptional dependability gives the scheduling department confidence that she will go to great lengths to ensure a client has care, even working on days she is not truly available or walking to her client’s home when her car would not start!

Pamela has worked with many clients over the past few years.  She has several permanent clients, as well as assists in filling in last minute when needed.  Whether she is with a client on a regular basis or has just met them, she makes sure to provide the office with the client’s most updated health information, voicing concerns when something seems off.

Pamela has been with a few challenging clients that needed extra time and patience.  She handled these difficult situations with grace and kindness. Her calm demeanor offers her clients the security they need.

Pamela has taken it upon herself to become more educated about her client’s health issues by attending trainings offered at the office, as well as completing numerous online courses. Now that Pamela works only for HomeLife, she has filled up every day of her calendar with shifts and I can assure you that our clients and the scheduling department are extremely thankful for her dedication!

Pamela is an exemplary employee and we are grateful she became a part of our spectacular caregiving team!  She is making a positive difference in the lives of our seniors and we are excited to see how many more lives she will touch!


– Felicia Buack, HomeCare Aid Director