Caregiver of the Season, Winter 2017

We wish to congratulate our Caregiver of the Season, Pamela Dale!

Pamela has been a caregiver with us since July 24, 2015 and has done an outstanding job from the beginning!  Pam was working two jobs when she first began her employment with HomeLife and she did a wonderful job balancing the two. She made sure she was on time to her clients’ homes and worked the days she had promised us. Pamela’s exceptional dependability gives the scheduling department confidence that she will go to great lengths to ensure a client has care, even working on days she is not truly available or walking to her client’s home when her car would not start!

Pamela has worked with many clients over the past few years.  She has several permanent clients, as well as assists in filling in last minute when needed.  Whether she is with a client on a regular basis or has just met them, she makes sure to provide the office with the client’s most updated health information, voicing concerns when something seems off.

Pamela has been with a few challenging clients that needed extra time and patience.  She handled these difficult situations with grace and kindness. Her calm demeanor offers her clients the security they need.

Pamela has taken it upon herself to become more educated about her client’s health issues by attending trainings offered at the office, as well as completing numerous online courses. Now that Pamela works only for HomeLife, she has filled up every day of her calendar with shifts and I can assure you that our clients and the scheduling department are extremely thankful for her dedication!

Pamela is an exemplary employee and we are grateful she became a part of our spectacular caregiving team!  She is making a positive difference in the lives of our seniors and we are excited to see how many more lives she will touch!


– Felicia Buack, HomeCare Aid Director

Caregiver of the Season, Fall 2017

We wish to congratulate our Caregiver of the Season, Talitha Bertrand!

Talitha moved to California from Louisiana with her husband and three kids last summer. Shortly after settling into her new home, she became a caregiver at HomeLife. Talitha has made a huge impression on our clients and staff over the course of her year with us!

Talitha’s passion for caregiving began when she became the caregiver for a member of her own family. She decided she wanted to help others by providing care for the elderly in her community. Upon our first meeting with Talitha, we recognized her compassion and love for seniors and appreciated the skills she had to offer, all of which became even more apparent when she began working with our clients.

Clients and their families request her by name and praise her for the level of care she provides! She is also excellent at staying in contact with the office regarding concerns or client updates.

Talitha just recently went back to school and even though she had to make adjustments to her availability, she arranged her schedule around her clients’ schedules so she could continue caring for them. She also fills-in for other clients whenever she is able. The scheduling department knows they can count on her to help out in a pinch!

We are very thankful Talitha has become part of our wonderful caregiving team and we are excited to see the impact she will have on senior’s lives in the future!


Felicia Buack, Home Care Aide Director


Caregiver of the Season, Summer 2017


We wish to congratulate our Caregiver of the Season, Shawnalee Hummell!

Shawnalee Hummell has been a caregiver with HomeLife Senior Care since December 1st, 2015 and has been a terrific addition ever since joining the HomeLife team!

Shawnalee Hummell has been a caregiver with HomeLife Senior Care since December 1st, 2015 and has been a terrific addition ever since joining the HomeLife team! Shawnalee has a compassionate heart for caregiving which she demonstrates through her commitment to her client. She has been one of the primary care providers for one of our 24/7 care clients for almost a year now. Shawnalee regularly works around-the-clock shifts with this client. Long shifts of this nature require patience, adaptability and dedication. In addition, dependability is of utmost importance due to the difficulties involved with finding last minute care for a 24-hour shift when another caregiver calls in sick. Shawnalee is not only a very consistent and reliable caregiver, she has also happily volunteered on numerous occasions to cover shifts for other caregivers.

Shawnalee is excellent at notifying the office anytime there is an update with her client’s care, ensuring the care team she is part of is well informed. She also proactively pursues further education and training related to her client’s condition, with special consideration to the safety of her client, as well as her own safety, while performing her caregiving duties.

The HomeLife staff is proud of Shawnalee’s admirable example and her clients have only wonderful things to say about her! We are fortunate Shawnalee is part of our HomeLife family!


– Felicia Buack, Human Resources Administrator





Caregiver of the Season, Spring 2017


We wish to congratulate our Caregiver of the Season, Bonnie Cosby!

Bonnie Cosby has been a caregiver with HomeLife Senior Care since October of 2015 and has been a pleasure to work with since joining the HomeLife team! Bonnie is reliable, dependable and gets along well with everyone she works with. Her genuine personality and the compassion she has for the client she serves shines through in the quality care she provides.

Bonnie has great communication skills and she is wonderful at keeping in contact with the office regarding client and schedule updates, something very much valued by the HomeLife staff as well as the client’s family members. It’s clear that Bonnie truly has the client’s best interest at heart.

Bonnie typically works three, eight hour shifts with a client who has Alzheimer’s and this, at times, can take a lot of patience and adaptability. Bonnie has attended in-office trainings on her days off to learn more about this disease and to better familiarize herself with the client’s circumstances, demonstrating her genuine regard for the client’s wellbeing and a desire to provide the best care possible. Bonnie is dedicated, patient and compassionate.  The HomeLife staff, the client to whom she cares for, and their family cannot say enough good things about Bonnie.

We are fortunate and proud that Bonnie is a part of our HomeLife Senior Care family! Thank you for all your hard work, Bonnie, and for being a shining example for our other caregivers!


Felicia Buack, Human Resources Administrator